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You are equally welcome to go with a full English breakfast or to opt for a traditional Sri Lankan breakfast.

Sri Lankan choices include the ever popular hoppers, string hoppers and kiri bath. Our staff will guide you to order suitable accompaniments.

Sweet Sri Lankan pancakes are another breakfast delicacy.



We feature quick snacks such as pastas, sandwiches, toasties and salads for a quick midday meal.

Alternatively if you wish to go Sri Lankan, guests can try a Dutch inspired ‘lamprais’ wrapped in fresh banana leaves.

Sri Lankan noodles are another lightweight alternative for a healthy lunch at The Pineapple Villa.



Sri Lankans love their curries so you can sample a unique choice of delicious rice and curry options that feature rare and tasty vegetables.

Sri Lankans also consume the most amounts of fish per person in the entire world, so seafood specialties are high on the menu at The Pineapple Villa.

Other dishes feature chicken, mutton, beef and pork.


Slow Cooking

The kitchen at The Pineapple Villa has a rare and unique set of traditional firewood stoves and ‘mud and clay’ ovens that are a key feature in cooking authentic Sri Lankan cuisine.

All Sri Lankan dishes are ‘slow cooked’ to retain mouth watering flavours and give out delicate aromas.

Guests are welcome to help prepare popular dishes and learn about the secrets of Sri Lankan cuisine.

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Sri Lankan Fruits

Apart from the pineapple that is found everywhere around the property, we offer complimentary Sri Lankan fruits each day to our guests depending on the season.

Examples include rambuttan, wood apple, mangosteen and breadfruit.

Sri Lanka also has a huge number of varieties of familiar fruits such as banana (29 varieties) and mango (100 or more!).


Traditional Snacks And Delicacies

Sri Lanka has a unique and diverse collection of traditional snacks that are made for special occasions and parties.

We offer a complimentary daily selection of tasty sweetmeats such as kavum, kokis, thalaguli and asme, all sourced from local villages nearby.

Since these items require a lot of preparation, they are quite difficult to find these days.


Kids Meals

Kids’ meals are specially prepared, especially where spices and chilies need to be moderated.

Our A La Carte Menu includes a variety of ‘chips with everything’ dishes including burgers, fries, sausages, baked beans and some very healthy salads too!


Special Meal Requests

With some advance notice, we will be pleased to offer specially tailored meals including vegetarian meal options, Halal food and gluten-free meals.

Guests are welcome to discuss menus and meal preferences with our Chef at any time.

Cookery classes and demonstrations are easily arranged upon request.